Together For Growth Campaign and Launch



PremiumTrust, a fast-growing commercial institution in Nigeria’s banking scene, tasked us with shaking things up in an industry packed with heavyweight competitors.

PremiumTrust is all about making a positive impact on customers and communities through its innovative solutions. And hey, they’re also huge fans of sports and innovation. 

Our mission? To harness that passion and help PremiumTrust carve out a place for itself and build strong connections with its audience. So, what did we do?

What we did


Here’s what we did: We took on the challenge and nailed it! We launched a full-blown 360 marketing campaign centered on the big idea and catchy tagline—’Together for Growth’. 

It was part of our plan to introduce PremiumTrust brand ambassadors, Ese Brume and Tobi Amusan, during this campaign to get people talking about the brand and what it’s all about.
We further launched bite-sized campaigns on social media—Twitter trends, sponsored posts, programmatic ads, you name it—while our ace move was partnering as the official sponsor of the National Sports Festival 2022 (NSF). 
That move not only put PremiumTrust on the map in the sports arena but also established the brand as a pioneer in the field.

This campaign paid off big time! PremiumTrust snagged titles like Nigeria’s Fastest Growing Bank 2022, Bank of the Year 2022 (Sports Development Category), and Most Innovative Bank of the Year 2022. 

The brand also saw a significant 1800% increase in its social media community size, over 22,000 new accounts opened in just 5 months, and about 8,000 app downloads.