Make It Possible Campaign



Back in early 2023, we had this awesome task of launching the mcom 5G standalone network across six major Nigerian states. We were to make mcom shine in a packed market with this. We had to come up with a killer, unique selling point, tailor our approach to the targeted regions, and build brand awareness from scratch. 

What we did

So what did we do? We crafted a full-on marketing strategy that included everything from market research and customer insights to creative messaging and multi-channel execution. We also created mcom  website from scratch. Our goal? To position mcom as a game-changer with its 5G standalone network. By being the first to go all-in on 5G, we set mcom apart from the competition, promising lightning-fast speeds and unbeatable coverage.


Our campaign, themed “Make it Possible,” helped us hammer home the message that mcom was all about making things happen with its 5G network. We flooded the airwaves with CGI videos across all six target states, backed up by a killer TV commercial.

The campaign made a big impact, stirring up conversations across the country with our strategic CGI placements.

We hit 2 million impressions, reached 1.5 million people, and engagement soared to 99,381.9. 

The website helped boost brand recognition by 75% and drove 9,200+ unique website visits within 8 weeks of launch. Pretty impressive, right?