Rebrand and Marketing Campaign



We were entrusted with the task of giving Lakowe Lakes a facelift—a recreational golf and leisure spot. Lakowe Lakes, mostly known just for its golf course, was flying under the radar in a bustling market, lacking a distinctive identity and an effective communication strategy. Our mission was to transform Lakowe into a luxurious destination beyond its golf course offerings.

What we did

To revamp Lakowe Lakes, we went all out by designing an aesthetic that screams luxury. Our color scheme, featuring rich tones like French bistre brown and powdered blue, set the stage for sophistication. We believed a great brand should feel like a reliable friend, so we gave Lakowe Lakes a personality that’s luxurious, welcoming, and adventurous.

Inspired by the serene artificial lakes, we incorporated calming wave patterns and relaxation motifs into our designs, creating a tranquil vibe in harmony with nature. Palm tree patterns were added to enhance the laid-back ambiance. We also crafted a captivating TV commercial.

In our TVC, we teamed up with the seasoned Nollywood icon, Shaffy Bello, to showcase the diverse experiences Lakowe Lakes has to offer. From leisurely strolls and jazz evenings to golfing and fishing, we portrayed Lakowe Lakes as the ultimate luxurious escape from the hustle and bustle of Lagos.

With our overall effort, this rebrand revamped Lakowe Lakes with a more organized and fitting communication and look.

The TVC campaign, which we also took digital, completely wowed our target audience, yielding impressive results: a whopping 13,294,837 impressions, 367,274 engagements from the exact audience we aimed to reach, and a total reach of 3,431,612.

This incredible campaign didn’t just boost Lakowe Lakes’ visibility; it transformed it into a must-visit destination, where luxury meets adventure, and every visitor feels like they’ve found their own slice of paradise.