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Gossy Warm Springs Limited is a Beverage based company that prides itself as one of the top providers of Natural spring water in Nigeria. Gossy Warm Springs Limited was acquired by Saro Africa International in 2018.

What we did

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Website Design

Following its reacquisition by a new parent company, Gossy Spring Water wanted to announce its triumphant return to the market. The company also wanted to boost awareness for the product amongst younger audiences who weren’t familiar with the old brand.

The main objective was to launch a campaign using brand-fit ambassadors to boost the reach of the campaign effectively creating awareness for the brand.


Our campaign idea was to push the product’s unique selling point, its natural roots. We launched the campaign using 3 stars from the just concluded Big Brother 2019 including Frodd who was the second runner up.
The campaign video revealed the roots of the product, the natural spring water at Ikogosi, Ekiti state.

The campaign video was widely shared across social channels and also deployed in cinemas across the country.

Following across social media increased by 41%.
The campaign reached over 10 million people on digital channels with an engagement rate of about 10%.