iPhone 15 For 61K Campaign



Our mission was to establish Altmobile as the go-to brand for the iPhone 15, offering unbeatable prices, all while sparking conversations through a snowball effect. To achieve this, we had to make Altmobile stand out in a saturated market. This involved starting from the ground up in our marketing efforts to ensure our target demographic was familiar with Altmobile and its offerings as an affordable subscription-based mobile service provider.

We aimed not only to introduce our target audience to Altmobile as the go-to brand for affordable phones, highlighting our “Buy Now, Pay Later” option, but also to persuade loyalists of other brands to give Altmobile a try. Our overarching goal? To position Altmobile as a major player in the mobile industry.

What we did


So, what did we do? We went big on influencer marketing, as that was our strategy to penetrate the market. We stirred social platforms with some mind-blowing influencer videos and tweets about our selected influencers snagging an iPhone 15 for just N61,000, which we dubbed #iPhone15for61k. That got people talking, especially when one of our major leveraged influencers deployed her video. Other blogs jumped in, and we were ready to reinforce the deployments of our select influencers with posts for Altmobile’s own page to keep the buzz going.

This campaign blew up the internet! Curiosity spiked, eyebrows raised, and interest soared.

Engagement skyrocketed, reaching over 500k people, gathering over 1 million impressions, and generating 119k engagements. Talk about a win! It put Altmobile on the map like never before, proving that Altmobile is here to stay.