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We Are Sharks - Daring. Wavvy. Disruptive. Intuitive.

Who We Are

We are a content-driven agency. We deliver world-class creative ideas with people empowering brands. We help brands stand out and move forward in a crowded media ocean. We call this to #thinklikeashark 

With a strong team of bright minds, headquartered in Lagos, with an office in Manchester, our mission is to help businesses and people grow and standout with marketing.

We see where others don’t and go where others won’t.  We are audaciously bold and adventurous. We use conventional guidelines as a framework and break the rules set in the media space.

We are skilled hunters, carving out fresh ways to shred clichés like prey, disrupting existing ideas and adding value, displacing established norms of the advertising world. We always go for the kill.

We are trendy. We are social. We are always online and immersed in social culture. We create content that trends and use them to increase and generate new traffic for brands.  We don’t just flow with the waves, we create them.

With our exceptional senses, we are able to foresee future trends based on insights and analytics from consumer behavior and new technology. We know where the audience is and where they want to be.



  • Cannes Young Lions 2018
  • Fintech Awards 2019
  • Madcon Dubai 2019